Gender pay reporting

May 2018

By Osborne & Wise

Organisations with more than 250 employees in the UK had until 4 April 2018 to publish their gender pay reporting figures.  The results demonstrate that 78% of large employers pay men more than women.  In June, the EHRC begins investigations into organisations failing to comply with the obligations

These statistics could have huge implications for large employers, who may face a significant increase in possible discrimination and equal pay claims from women in the workplace.  Moreover, given the huge publicity on this issue, the appetite to challenge what are perceived to be unfair and unequal pay practices is likely to trickle down to employees of small to medium-sized businesses. It is therefore essential that all organisations review their remuneration structures to ensure that they can reasonably justify any differentials in pay and benefits between male and female employees.  Additionally, it would be prudent for organisations to review the way in which their flexible working and equal opportunities policies are being executed in practice. Please contact a member of the OW employment team for further assistance in this area.